You deserve comfortable and effective radiation protection

How can Golden Gate Med help?


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World class products

We are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of apparel and equipment for all of your radiation protection needs. Aprons, glasses, surgical gloves, thyroid shields, mobile and fixed shields, and storage: we've got you covered.


custom fit and Specs

Lead or non-lead? 0.5mm lead equivalency or 0.35mm? Not a standard size? What color fabric best compliments that yellow bicycle logo? There's a lot to consider in selecting your perfect apron. Let us help. Not only will you look great but your back will thank you.

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full-service cleaning

 Your job is tough. We don't blame you for breaking a sweat in your lead apron. We can set up apron cleanings for your entire department or facility. Clean aprons improve moral, enhances appearance, and reduce cross-contamination keeping everyone happy and safe.